The thought of cancer was overwhelming, but I did not want cancer to define me. Yet I was lacking energy to help myself, so my oncologist urged me to work with Maple Tree Cancer Alliance. First, I was apprehensive because I didn't want anyone to know how weak I was, but I agreed. I met two of the most positive, caring and skilled people during my initial evaluation. Rob Wise and Justin Baker, my personal instructor, welcomed me into the Maple Tree family. That one hour a week every Monday was evolutionary, with exercise and homework for the rest of the week. Now I even enjoy my exercise schedule, and Justin helps me pull out what is already in me, someone more motivated, positive, confident and energetic. My stamina has significantly improved, and now after 6 months, I have turned from someone who did not want to go out of my home, did not sleep well, felt overwhelmed by house and yard work, and even avoided friends to someone who looks forward to going, going, going. Frequently I make plans to entertain friends and I have energy to attend to yard work, housework and shopping. Life has taken a positive turn. To create a life victorious over cancer is my battle cry. Thank you, Gala of Hope, for supporting a great cancer battle partner in Maple Tree Cancer Alliance!