Our Founders


Touched by cancer.

Bob and Barbara Mills have seen cancer firsthand. Barbara lost her father to liposarcoma, a rare cancer of the fatty tissue. Bob is a cancer survivor, but tragically lost his first wife, Marcy, to cancer. Soon after, he and his family stood by his granddaughter in her lengthy battle against leukemia. Today she is an 8-year survivor. 

These experiences, coupled with their continued desire to make our community a better place to live, drove Bob and Barbara to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for cancer initiatives. As they did, they heard more stories of others battling cancer, and saw cancer increase its effect in the Dayton region. Bob and Barbara inquired with organizations they were helping to see how much of what they raised on their behalf stayed in the Dayton region to help local patients. Unfortunately, very little of these funds helped Dayton residents. For that reason, they founded Gala of Hope Foundation, and decided that they would make a difference here and begin to send cancer into the sunset.

Bob and Barbara have personally hosted Gala of Hope’s premier biennial fundraising event, setting local fundraising records with each consecutive event.

Fundraising Experience and Awards of Distinction are as follows:

2018- Co-Chaired the 2018 Gala of Hope Event – (raised $1.5 million) . 2017- Citizen Legion of Honor Award
2016– Dayton Chapter of Association of Fundraising Professionals Award for Dayton’s Outstanding Philanthropist
2016– Co-Chaired the 2016 Gala of Hope Event – (raised $1.3 million)
2014- Co-Chaired the 2014 Gala of Hope Event – (raised $1.1 million)
2012 - American Cancer Society Award for Excelling in Income Development.
2011- American Cancer Society Man of The Year.
2010- Leukemia & Lymphoma Regional and National Man of The Year.
2009- Mathile Community Award
2008- Grandview Foundation Chadwick Award
2007- Volunteer Fundraiser of The Year

We invite you to join Bob, Barbara, our board of directors, and hundreds more who’ve been touched by cancer.