Karin knew she needed a mammogram. 

“It had been four years, and, as women,” Karin said, “we are often the last ones to care for ourselves, and I admittedly fell into that category.” She had received numerous reminders, but then an opportunity came along that was simply too good to pass by.

“I was volunteering to help at a Fourth of July celebration in Middletown, and I noticed Premier’s mobile mammography coach parked nearby,” she shared. “During a break, one of the women I was working with walked over and got a mammogram, and when she came back, she looked at me and said, ‘You need to go get one.’” A few days later, Premier’s Women’s Center contacted her, sharing she needed more tests.  Within days she received another mammogram, a sonogram, and needle biopsy.  To her great surprise, Karin learned that she had an aggressive breast cancer.

“Getting that news felt like a kick in the gut.  But if that mobile unit had not been out there, I would have discovered it only when symptoms showed themselves. I had no symptoms. But that early detection allowed the cancer team to remove the tumor with just a partial mastectomy and then begin a course of chemotherapy and radiation.”

The mobile mammography unit, provided in part, by Gala of Hope continues across the region six days each week, and hundreds more cancers have been caught in an early stage as a result.