Press Release:

Gala of Hope Foundation Announces

First Round of 2019 Grants


Beavercreek, OH, May 6, 2019 --The Board of Directors of Gala of Hope Foundation recently awarded its first-round of 2019 grants totaling almost $1 million. These grants continue Gala of Hope’s intentions to change the face of cancer in the Dayton region, and foster greater hope and care for cancer patients. These grants bring Gala of Hope’s total investments since 2015 to over $2.4 million, directly influencing almost 25,000 patients.

“We are so thankful to hundreds of donors who have generously given to us with confidence that we will use these resources effectively in our 14-county region, and join with key partners when we can. These grants intensify education, increase early detection, heighten a cancer patient’s opportunity to become a survivor, and give this region even better cancer care,” shared Jeff Brock, Executive Director of the Foundation.

The organizations and projects supported by this recent round of grants:

Kettering Medical Center, providing assistance to replace its Cyclotron, one of only 150 in the world, a specialized technology that increases the accurate targeting of tumors for treatment or removal.

Maple Tree Cancer Alliance, to underwrite research to prepare application for commercial and governmental reimbursement of exercise and nutrition therapy for cancer patients, and increase services to local patients for needed sample sizes. Maple Tree will serve over 2,000 cancer patients this year in the Dayton region.

Pink Ribbon Girls, sponsoring a mobile education unit to travel the region and offer education for women from 8-80 on the early detection of female cancers and comprehensive treatments available.

Premier Health (2 grants), providing funds to assure exercise and massage therapies in each of its cancer centers, and to replace their mobile mammography unit now serving several thousand women each year.  

“Today, unfortunately, the statistics tell us 24 more in our region will hear they have cancer. Our mission, through grants like these, is to diminish cancer and its effects on patients, reduce the number who perish in its grip and ultimately reduce the number who hear those words, ‘you have cancer’, doing it unlike any other community in Ohio or the Midwest,” Brock said.

About Gala of Hope Foundation

Gala of Hope Foundation is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization founded in 2014 to serve the Dayton region as a financial resource for cancer patients, cancer treatment, and local cancer research.  At its core, Gala of Hope Foundation was created and is sustained by gifts from generous people committed to changing the face of cancer in the Dayton region. The Foundation serves as a grant maker and a voice for Dayton region cancer patients and its cancer care community.


For more information, contact Jeff Brock, Executive Director at 937-239-5482 or visit